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Multi-purpose Test Coating Machine

Multi-purpose Test Coating Machine

This facility is a facility for testing under various conditions in order to apply various film coating conditions to mass production for R&D purposes.

Coating methods include micro gravure coating head, Multi coating head (slot die coating head, comma coating head, Lip die coating head), mayer bar coating head, direct gravure coating head, etc. It can be tested in various ways.

In the future, it is necessary to develop special coating and post-processing technologies to impart the functionality of special material fabrics for industrial materials and to introduce coating machines to establish construction processes for mass production.

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Category General specifications
Material PET Film
Thickness 50μm ~ 188μm
Diameter Max. ∅600mm
Width 1,000mm
Roll width 1,100mm
Speed Max. 20m/min
Coating method Micro Gravure Coating & Multi Coating (Slot Die & Comma)
Drying type Roll Support & Air Floating type
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