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Silicon Release Paper COATER

Silicon Release Paper COATER

This facility is a coating facility that produces various functional release paper by applying gravure coating head, 5 roll coating head, and 3 roll coating head.

The release paper is used as an essential raw material for producing various electrical and electronic industrial stores, and adhesive tapes, and the demand for coating machines on release paper is steadily increasing.

It is also a facility that implements ultra-fast, wide-width, and automation, maximizing high quality and productivity, and in particular contributing to solving the problem of manpower supply and demand due to automation.

Layout DWG


Category General specifications
Material Glassine paper, PE & None-PE Paper
Thickness 20㎛ ~ 100㎛
Diameter Max. ∅1,200mm
Width Max. 1,650mm
Roll width 1,800mm
Speed Max. 350m/min
Coating method Direct & Reverse gravure (solvent) Five(5) Rolls coater (solvent less)
Drying type Roll Support type
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