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Display Film COATER

Display Film COATER

This facility is a coating facility that produces high-tech materials such as LCD/OLED, IT materials, and Optical & Multi Functional Film.

Thin film coating is a core technology of coating machines as the display industry rapidly shifts from the LCD (liquid crystal display) era to the OLED (organic light emitting diode) era with technological advances. The coating machine for Display Film manufactured by CO-TECH Co., Ltd. will apply high-speed, thin film, and ultra-precision Tension control technologies to focus on producing the highest quality products to our customers.

In addition, optical film coating applied to FLEXIBLE OLEDs such as solvent-type OCA, solvent-free OCA, diffusion film, polarizer protection film, PSA film, type film, Window film, and METAL MESH are customized and manufactured according to the customer's demand.

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Category General specifications
Material PET Film
Thickness 25㎛ ~ 188㎛
Diameter Max. ∅800mm
Width 550 ~ 1,600mm
Roll width 1,700mm
Speed Max. 40m/min
Coating method Slot die Coating
Drying type Roll Support & Air Floating type
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