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Release Film COATER

Release Film COATER

This facility is a coating facility that produces high-quality high-performance films such as MLCC, polarization film, and OCA. Anti-Vibration for ultra-fast, thin-film and wide-width production, film wrinkles, and scratch-resistant technologies are applied to produce optimal release films.

Currently, it is increasing significantly as it is applied and expanded in various fields such as mobile phones, displays, and solar cells, and accordingly, the demand for release film coatingers is also increasing.

Through the development of new technologies, CO-TEC Co., Ltd. strives to supply coating machines for stable, high-quality, and fast silicon release films, and designs and provides products with optimal conditions to meet customer needs.

Layout DWG


Category General specifications
Material PET Film
Thickness 15㎛ ~75㎛
Diameter Max. ∅1,000mm
Width 1500 ~ 2,700mm
Roll width 2,800mm
Speed Max. 300m/min
Coating method Reverse Gravure Chamber Doctor Coating
Drying type Roll Support type
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