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Secondary Battery Electrode COATER

Secondary Battery Electrode COATER

This equipment is for the production of secondary batteries (lithium-ion polymer batteries). The active substances mixed in Cu-Foil or Al-Foil are continuously coated on the substrate at regular intervals and thickness using slot die head.

The cathode material, which is a source of lithium, determines the capacity and average voltage of the battery, and the anode material serves to allow current to flow through an external circuit while storing and discharging lithium ions from the cathode.

Currently, lithium-ion battery facilities focus on maximizing productivity by driving wide substrates at high speed, and our company has developed and applied various technologies to respond to this demand.

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Category General specifications
Material AL-Foil, Cu-Foil
Thickness 8㎛ ~ 25㎛
Diameter Max. ∅700mm
Width 550 ~ 1,600mm
Roll width 1,700mm
Speed Max. 100m/min
Coating method Slot die Coating
Drying type Roll Support & Air Floating type
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