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Secondary Battery Separator COATER

Secondary Battery Separator COATER

This facility blocks contact between the cathode and the anode in the secondary battery, thereby strengthening heat resistance and strength to stabilize the battery. It is a coating facility that produces a separator through which lithium ions in the electrolyte can pass.

The coating method realizes double-sided simultaneous coating with nano coating, and can easily change the coating amount by replacing the bar and fine-adjust the coating amount by adjusting the rotation speed.

In addition, surface treatment technology such as corona is applied so that it can be coated uniformly for porous substrates.

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Category General specifications
Material PE Film
Thickness 5㎛ ~ 20㎛
Diameter Max. ∅500mm
Width 630 ~ 1,500mm
Roll width 1,650mm
Speed Max. 200m/min
Coating method Chamber Doctor Type Gravure Coating, Micro Pattern Roll Type Gravure Coating
Drying type Air Floating type
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